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Jack Smiddy

Jack it a real down to earth consultant that will support you through your requirements as a business and help you find the most exciting next step for your career. He will take care of the process and loves to communicate and ensure the process is fully completed 100%.  Jack has 8 years of recruitment experience and with 2 years within Set2Recruit has supported some of the UK leading R&D teams, Cyber and IT consultancies in helping them achieve their goals and finding their future great people.

He loves to code and learn new tools in his spare time, and at work, we sometimes are amazed at this, with three young children and wife and how he finds the time…and he always makes time for helping his clients and candidates and always 100% committed.
Jack loves to spend time with his family and friends and when he finds a few minutes will love to play the latest online classic.

Email:- js@set2recruit.com

Direct Line:-  01392 474354